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Economic innovations

We improve the sustainability and productivity of the world’s georesources industries by strengthening our clients’ commercial and environmental operations. We do so by transforming the relationship between technological excellence and cost performance, while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and service quality.

About us

Qteq Pty Ltd was founded on the premise that technical and commercial innovation successfully underpins sustainable, responsible georesources development.

We understand that achieving efficient georesources exploration and production, while protecting the environment, has become a highly technical, highly important activity.

That’s why we focus on innovation to provide essential insights on a real-time basis for our georesources clients. We know that having this data at their fingertips helps our clients increase safety, reduce environmental impact and enhance their social licence to operate.

Our highly experienced Qteq team has built a strong reputation for supplying reliable technical solutions for monitoring georesources production.

Hard Rock Mining


Around the world, as ore deposits in the shallow vadose zone are depleted, mining companies are having to extract ore below the water table, where moisture content of the ore is much greater. This rise impacts each area of the value chain, from resource valuation, design of crusher plants and blending for final shipping. Therefore, there is a strong business case for understanding in situ ore moisture content, specific yield, specific retention, dry bulk density and matrix density.

Coal Mining


Coal plays an important role as the primary source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide. However, the coalification process that converts plant matter to fuel also produces methane and carbon dioxide gases, so the depositional process can leave the coal cleat structure and surrounding formations filled with water. Safe extraction of the coal requires advance knowledge of coal gas content, water filled porosity and system permeability because these will be used to guide water and gas pre-drainage strategies.

Solution Mining


Solution mining is the extraction of useful minerals naturally dissolved in brine. Commercial brines include shallow brines beneath saline or dry lakes and deep brines from sedimentary basins. Brines are important sources of potash, lithium, copper and other heavier metals and industrial salts. Hydrogeology plays a critical role in determining the economic viability and shaping development strategy of brine-mining operations.

Onshore Oil & Gas


Robust, rugged and reliable monitoring tools to successfully characterise hydrocarbon resources and optimise development strategies.

Coal Seam Gas


The responsible and efficient development of natural gas, from coal, requires innovative technical solutions, delivered in high volume, at an affordable price.



Because of dwindling groundwater supplies through population growth and industrial expansion, hydrogeology now plays a critical role in protecting and managing this vital resource.


Latest news

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Qteq receives IAH Groundwater Innovation and Technology Award for BMR technology

On Tuesday, 20 August 2019 Premier Mark McGowan announced the nominees for this year's Western Australian Industry & Export Awards. It was revealed that Qteq has been nominated in 3 of the 17 categories. Winners will be announced ...


Qteq is nominated for three (3) WA Industry & Export Awards

During 2020 Qteq will be organising a series of 1 day training courses across Australia on “Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR) and Hydrogeology”.


The courses are open to any interested party but are aimed in particular at Hydrogeologists ...

Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR) & Hydrogeology training