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We improve the sustainability and productivity of the world’s georesources industries by strengthening our clients’ commercial and environmental operations. We do so by transforming the relationship between technological excellence and cost performance, while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and service quality.

About us

Qteq Pty Ltd was founded on the premise that technical and commercial innovation successfully underpins sustainable, responsible georesources development.

We understand that achieving efficient georesources exploration and production, while protecting the environment, has become a highly technical, highly important activity.

That’s why we focus on innovation to provide essential insights on a real-time basis for our georesources clients. We know that having this data at their fingertips helps our clients increase safety, reduce environmental impact and enhance their social licence to operate.

Our highly experienced Qteq team has built a strong reputation for supplying reliable technical solutions for monitoring georesources production.

Onshore Oil & Gas


Robust, rugged and reliable monitoring tools to successfully characterise hydrocarbon resources and optimise development strategies.

Coal Seam Gas


The responsible and efficient development of natural gas, from coal, requires innovative technical solutions, delivered in high volume, at an affordable price.



Because of dwindling groundwater supplies through population growth and industrial expansion, hydrogeology now plays a critical role in protecting and managing this vital resource.




The aim of carbon, capture and sequestration (CCS) is to prevent the release of large quantities of waste carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas (GHG), into the atmosphere. Capture of CO2 emissions by heavy industry and from heating is considered a potential means of mitigating the impact of this GHG on climate change and ocean acidification.

Coal Mining


Coal plays an important role as the primary source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide. However, the coalification process that converts plant matter to fuel also produces methane and carbon dioxide gases, so the depositional process can leave the coal cleat structure and surrounding formations filled with water.

Latest news

Qteq accelerates its strategic pivot to Environmental Services

Environmental Technology Services provider Qteq announced today that it has acquired Prospect Group Pty Ltd, a Queensland based company specialising in environmental and disaster monitoring.


Prospect Chairman Arthur Hood ...

Q-Tube AquiSample Lite Sampling Systems for Groundwater

Qteq recently completed the successful installation of a number of its Q-Tub AquiSample Lite systems for a client in the Queensland Surat Basin.


The unique challenges offered to both our Applications Engineering and Operations Engineering team ...

Q-Fi Wireless Pump-off Monitoring in Coal Seam Gas Wells

Qteq's Q-Fi PumpTraq technology has been successfully deployed in multiple CSG wells. These systems transmit bottom hole pressure and other in-situ parameters, using wireless telemetry to a surface receiver. The receiver also gathers a host of system performance and health ...

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