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Qteq Pty Ltd was founded on the premise that technical and commercial innovation successfully underpins sustainable, responsible georesources development.

We understand that achieving efficient georesources exploration and production, while protecting the environment, has become a highly technical, highly important activity.


That’s why we focus on innovation to provide essential insights on a real-time basis for our georesources clients. We know that having this data at their fingertips helps our clients increase safety, reduce environmental impact and enhance their social licence to operate.

Our highly experienced Qteq team has built a strong reputation for supplying reliable technical solutions for monitoring georesources production. Qteq is also committed to delivering the most efficient, effective solutions for our clients. To do this, we develop our own, cutting-edge technologies and adapt best-in-class tools to be fit-for-purpose in georesource settings.

We operate on a win:win basis, so we understand the wisdom of investing heavily in strategic partnerships with a variety of equipment, technology and service providers. This allows us to deliver technical solutions for our clients, right across the value chain.

The result is that Qteq is creating practical, reliable and affordable solutions for a wide range of georesource-management challenges.

From resource evaluation and downhole monitoring to end-of-project custody transfer and site reclamation, contact Qteq today to see how we can optimise your georesource activities.

“Georesource/s: All geological resources used by society, including groundwater, mineral resources, coal, oil, gas and alternative energy sources.”

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