Our company

Qteq is a privately held company focused on using innovative technologies to improve exploration and production of oil, gas, water and alternative energy resources.

Our focus grew out of a need to constantly capitalise on disruptive technologies so that our clients can achieve real efficiencies and cost savings while meeting their desired social and environmental outcomes.

Consequently, Qteq is proud to be a leading provider of innovative, integrated technical services and products to the on-shore oil and gas, mining and alternative energy industries.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission

We improve the sustainability and productivity of the world’s georesources industries by strengthening our clients’ commercial and environmental operations. We do so by transforming the relationship between technological excellence and cost performance, while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and service quality.

Our vision

To lead change in georesources industries through technical and commercial innovations that protect the environment and enhance our clients’ social licence to operate.

Our values

Qteq identifies with guiding principles that define the behaviour of our company and our people. Our employees are assessed in part by their commitment to these values in their daily work:

  • Safety is our top priority
  • We create value for our clients
  • We do so ethically and with integrity
  • We deliver on our commitments
  • We do so without compromising quality
  • We are passionate about responsible georesources development
  • We believe innovation is the key to enabling georesources sustainability
  • We strive to minimise negative environmental and social impacts
  • We value our families and work to inspire and protect them
  • We respect different perspectives and embrace diversity
  • We thrive in the face of adversity
  • We encourage bold thinking to challenge rhetoric
  • We are the best at what we do, but always strive to be better
  • We take pride in, and reward, achievement.

Health and Safety

Qteq’s primary obligation is the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and clients.

Our team’s excellent safety record results from fastidious attention to safety in all areas and from the emphasis all our employees place on safety.

That attention to safety comes because our leadership team is firmly committed to a policy that enables all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove – or at least reduce – risks to the health, safety and welfare of anyone who may be affected by our operations.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Responsible, sustainable georesources exploration and production is necessary to maintain society and to ensure it flourishes in the future.

Qteq has committed to act responsibly towards our customers, employees, shareholders, financial backers, business partners and our wider network of suppliers as well as the communities with whom we work.

This commitment is encoded in our DNA because we understand that responsible actions are vital to sustaining our own social licence to operate.

Our portfolio of technical products and services is therefore targeted at increasing the efficiency of georesources clients, while ensuring the sustainability of their developments.

Qteq strives to improve the economic and environmental quality of life for everyone.

Our range of products and services has been driven by a simple philosophy: develop and supply innovations that do more, for less, more often and faster while leaving a smaller footprint, thus mitigating social and environmental impacts.

For example, companies using Qteq’s PumpTraq technology to optimise their CSG well-dewatering strategies find they are enhancing the lifespan of their submersible pumps. This accelerates the onset of gas production and maximises gas production rates while boosting recovery factors.

“To lead change in georesources industries through technical and commercial innovations that protect the environment and enhance our clients’ social licence to operate.”