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1 Day training course: Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR) & Hydrogeology

During 2020 Qteq will be organising a series of 1 day training courses across Australia on “Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR) and Hydrogeology”.


The courses are open to any interested party but are aimed in particular at Hydrogeologists involved with well design and construction, and analysis and interpretation of downhole data of bores in applications across the georesources industry, ranging from managed aquifer recharge systems, government monitoring and regulation implementation, aquifer characterisation and dewatering.


Our 1 day training course has been designed by Qteq’s Georesource Evaluation Group (GREG). This Group is made up of Geologists and scientists, highly regarded by their peers and industry experts alike, who have published a large number of peer reviewed papers on the subject matter covered in the course.


If you want to, prior to signing up for this course, find out more to make sure BMR and Hydrogeology are subjects you want to and should learn more about, please contact Qteq’s Dr Benjamin Birt on bbirt@qteq.com.au.


Also, if you want to express your interest in attending this course in another location across the globe, be sure to reach out to our GREG team.