Why and how should georesources industries

"Measure, Monitor, Manage & Mitigate"?

When drilling for georesources, mining and energy companies are acutely interested in determining:

  1. The exact chemical composition of the rock matrix penetrated by the boreholes

  2. The total porosity of the void space within the rock and the fluid type(s) occupying this space; and

  3. The water content, specific yield, specific retention, and rock hydraulic conductivity.

To maximise production returns, minimise OPEX, and preserve the environment, these companies need to:

  1. Measure extent of the georesource (minerals, precious metals, fossil fuels, brines, groundwater, etc.)

  2. Implement and monitor an effective water management strategy

  3. Manage georesource extraction and mitigate impact on the environment.

Qteq Solutions

Qteq recognises that achieving efficient georesources exploration and production, while protecting the environment, has become a highly technical, highly important undertaking.

By providing innovative solutions across the entire value chain that address our clients’ priorities, Qteq delivers unparalleled opportunities to streamline exploration and production processes.

That is why we focus on developing technologies to measure and monitor the subsurface that provide essential insights on a real-time basis for our georesources clients.

Having this data at their fingertips helps our clients increase safety, reduce environmental impact and enhance their social licence to operate.

Our highly experienced Qteq team has inherited a strong reputation for supplying reliable technical solutions for monitoring georesources production.

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