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Qteq Pty Ltd HQ

Level 3, 340 Adelaide Street

Brisbane, QLD 4000


+61 (0)7 3834 9100

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We are a technology focused service company that delivers real-time, actionable subsurface data across the global georesources industry.


Qteq Measurement Services operates with three distinct service lines.

Wireline services

Qteq Measurement Systems provides a broad portfolio of wireline logging services to characterise subsurface resources. These services are deployed using a variety of purpose-built, highly efficient wireline units, that are custom designed and fabricated in-house to meet client and regulatory requirements.

With our suite of open and cased hole wireline logging tools and services, we can provide the following measurements:

  • Borehole Magnetic Resonance

  • Compensated Litho-Density

  • Compensated Neutron Porosity

  • Dual Laterolog Resistivity

  • Dual Induction Resistivity

  • Optical Televiewer

  • Acoustic Televiewer

  • Ultrasonic Casing Investigation

  • Downhole Cameras

  • Fullwave Sonic

  • Magnetic Susceptibility

  • Total and Spectral GR

The R&D team and petrophysicists at the Technology Centre in Perth also work in close collaboration with clients to develop new logging capabilities.

Wireline services are provided from operations bases in Queensland and Western Australia, ensuring that logging campaigns can be mobilised quickly to client locations across Australia, and to ensure that field operations are adequately supported.

Our key strength is our people, with both our Australian bases equipped and staffed by teams of specialists able to conduct full wireline unit and tool servicing, calibration and maintenance.


Rental services

Qteq’s proprietary magnetic resonance measurement technology, also known as Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR), is developed in Australia in response to our client’s requests for such in-situ measurement in small and shallow holes.

While this technology has, for decades, been routinely used in the oil and gas logging industry, uptake by other industries has been hindered by BMR tool size and cost of the logging service.


Qteq have addressed this capability gap through development of an advanced miniaturized, slim BMR logging tool.

Currently we have a fleet of BMR-60 and BMR-90 tools available for rent.


In addition to BMR tools Qteq has an extensive suite of geophysical logging tools available for rent.


Data services

Qteq's Data Services is provided by our GeoResources Evaluation Group (GREG) to support our clients with up-to-date interpretation methods and consultancy to ensure the data collected best suits their needs.


The Data Services team is supported by 40 years' of collective experience in petrophysical interpretation and processing, and mineral logging.

Personnel experience includes both domestic and international exposure to image, geomechanics, and petrophysical logging, including an integrated approach to data analysis.

This experience results in a team that is highly manoeuvrable to make the most of your data and to ensure that the data collected will not only answer your primary questions but will go beyond that and also answer some of your secondary questions, and more.


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