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Qteq Monitoring Systems develops, sources and advances a diverse portfolio of point and distributed sensor technologies that can be deployed subsurface to provide continuous, real-time visibility to georesource development and production, verify integrity of boreholes and wells penetrating and surrounding georesource deposits, and diagnose the performance and health of subsurface equipment used to extract georesources.

These surveillance systems are available in a variety of architectures, can be deployed on casing, pipe, micro-coil or armoured cable, with measurements transmitted to surface using a variety of wired and wireless techniques.

We focus on platform technologies that can be scaled to meet high volume demand, and supplied at an appropriate price point. The main technology platforms include:

  • Single end-point downhole pressure and temperature monitoring

  • Multi-zone downhole pressure and temperature monitoring

  • Optical distributed temperature sensing

  • Optical distributed acoustic sensing

  • Low-flow bladder pump sampling system

  • Wellbore and borehole fluid level monitoring

  • Wireless electromagnetic downhole telemetry


Access to continuous real-time in-situ data is vital to accelerating decision-making processes, inform workflows and shape a wide range of georesource development and production strategies, but these solutions must be:

  • Engineered to deliver the right type of data, at the required update rate, and with appropriate accuracy, sensitivity, repeatability and resolution

  • Designed to withstand the in-situ environment

  • Available in high volumes and short lead times

  • Installed in a safe, time efficient manner


Qteq has addressed each of these requirements. To date, Qteq has installed 5000+ downhole pressure monitoring systems in Australia since 2011, with time-efficient and right-first-time installation success achieved through a relentless focus on personnel safety and operational excellence.

Application of dedicated technical excellence ensures our downhole sensor and sampling systems are suited for the in-situ environment and aligned with your monitoring objectives.

Qteq recognises that achieving superior technical and operational excellence requires a rigorous staff selection process and extensive competency training. Our formalized Operational Process Management System (OPMS) fully integrates all key processes and an extensive library of underlying procedures, supporting work instructions and forms, to guide design, planning and installation of all permanent downhole monitoring systems. OPMS is aimed at ensuring technical and operational excellence is maintained on every installation project.

Products & Services


Qteq’s AquiSample downhole sampling system employs a low-flow, shallow-set mircopurge bladder pump that is uniquely adapted to extract water samples from aquifers situated at any substantially ...


Qteq’s AquiTraq downhole multi-node sensing technology enables continuous, long-term fluid level monitoring of one or more discrete aquifers from within a single borehole. This provides an immediate indication of whether nearby hydrocarbon well drilling, completion or production operations are ...


Qteq's FibreTraq DAS and DTS technology offers an unprecedented variety of applications, spanning all georesource sectors, profiling surfaces and downhole processes, equipment and plant, at scales varying from centimetres to kilometres, and at high spatial resolution. In downhole applications ...


Qteq’s PumpTraq system provides continuous monitoring of downhole annulus pressure to track water fluid level in CSG wells. This enables CSG operators to optimise dewatering strategies, to limit dewatering timescales and to safeguard against rapid well pumpdown during start-up ...

Q-Fi® EMT PumpTraq

In many cases, the cleat system of undisturbed coals will be water filled and subjected to a hydrostatic head that exceeds the desorption pressure of gas occupying pores in the coal matrix. Therefore, water must be removed to lower the hydrosatic head below the gas ...


Qteq’s ResTraq reservoir surveillance systems provide continuous, real-time downhole pressure data. The technology platform is highly flexible, enabling a variety of pressure sensor types to be incorporated into a freely-configurable, modular and extendable system architecture, with ResTraq ...


Qteq’s TestPaq well integrity testing service makes it possible to verify seal integrity of wellheads that lack internal profiles to accommodate a back pressure valve. ...