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Australia's Qteq achieves major milestone

December 2017

Georesources technology company Qteq Pty Ltd is fast becoming one of the world’s largest service providers in the groundwater monitoring and characterisation industry and recently celebrated the installation of its 5,000th wellbore pressure monitoring system in Australia with manufacturing partner Geo Pressure ...

Outlook soars as Qteq acquires NMRSA

October 2017

At a special event held in Toowoomba on 4 October, Qteq Pty Ltd announced it had acquired 100 per cent of Perth-based NMR Services Australia Pty Ltd’s issued share capital in a private cash-and-scrip deal. Chairman and Chief Executive ...

Meet some of Qteq's key appointments

October 2017

With Qteq expanding its workforce to meet increasing demand and incorporate the NRMSA team, a number of significant appointments have been made recently while other personnel have had slight title changes. Former NRMSA managing director Dr Tim Hopper has been named as Qteq's Chief Technology Officer. ...

Smiles all round

Qteq shakes off WellDog past

July 2017

A successful management buy-in has saved more than 50 high-tech energy and resources industry jobs with receivers Pitcher Partners agreeing to sell the business of WellDog Pty Ltd to Qteq Pty Ltd. The new entity’s establishment was funded by ...

Just what does 'georesources' actually mean?

July 2017

The term ‘georesources’ refers to all geological resources that serve as the basis for life in modern-day society, including groundwater, mineral resources, coal, oil, gas and alternative energy sources. Responsible and sustainable georesource ...

Qteq's crew gets off to a flying start

July 2017


With its registered office in Brisbane and its operations based out of Toowoomba, Qteq has a team of more than 50 highly trained personnel already working for clients across a range of georesources industries. Qteq’s Chief Operating Officer, Ewan Meldrum ...

Toowoomba team meets market with enthusiasm

July 2017

There’s a distinct ripple of excitement on Stephen Street, Harristown, in Toowoomba’s west this week as Qteq stamps its mark on buildings and vehicles while staff arrive decked out in new workwear. The successful physical transition follows the purchase of the former WellDog business being ...

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