Australia’s Qteq achieves major milestone


Georesources technology company Qteq Pty Ltd is fast becoming one of the world’s largest service providers in the groundwater monitoring and characterisation industry and recently celebrated the installation of its 5,000th wellbore pressure monitoring system in Australia with manufacturing partner Geo Pressure Systems Inc.

Toowoomba-based Qteq is revolutionising groundwater monitoring across the mining, coal seam gas and water industries through the development of price point appropriate technologies, according to Qteq Chief Innovation Officer Quentin Morgan.

“Qteq’s technology portfolio provides access to continuous real-time, actionable data from wired pressure monitoring systems and borehole magnetic resonance imaging (BMR),” Mr Morgan said.

“This capability enables our clients to optimise their dewatering strategies, reduce dewatering timelines, prolong the life of downhole equipment and thereby reduce operating costs.

Qteq Chief Operations Officer Ewan Meldrum said the company had invested heavily in research and development and was paving the way for the industry by disrupting older less efficient water management practices.

“Since our inception, Qteq has focused on boosting sustainable productivity from Australia’s mining and energy geo-resources,” Mr Meldrum said.

“We are currently trialling our wireless subsurface monitoring systems which will further reduce the price point in gathering data from our client’s assets.

“Most of our clients now recognise that embracing technology is the only way to achieve the next competitive step change in costs. The uptake of Qteq’s technology portfolio has already created more than eighty high value technology jobs across Australia, and the momentum continues to build.”

About Qteq

Qteq is a technology services company, led by a team with decades of experience in various energy sectors across the globe. It is focused on bridging a link between (a) low-volume, high-cost, best-in-class, offshore oil and gas technologies and (b) high-volume, fit-for-purpose, price-point-appropriate technologies required by onshore georesource (hard rock and solution mining, coal mining, coal seam gas and groundwater) industries. The process of adapting, repurposing, simplifying and transforming existing technologies, as well as introducing cutting-edge solutions, is viewed by Qteq as the key to driving down resource development costs, increasing operational safety and improving environmental quality of life. Qteq is committed to accurately measuring and monitoring georesource assets, thereby enabling industry operators to manage and mitigate technical and commercial risk. Supplying such capabilities at an affordable price is made possible by Qteq’s expertise in Big Data analytics that, in turn, enables exploration and production operators to realise substantial efficiency gains, cost reductions and better environmental outcomes.

“To lead change in georesources industries through technical and commercial innovations that protect the environment and enhance our clients’ social licence to operate.”