Qteq announces new well integrity testing service


Georesources technology company Qteq Pty Ltd announced this week that its new TestPaq well integrity testing service is now commercially available for the coal seam gas and groundwater industries. TestPaq makes it possible to verify seal integrity of wellheads that lack internal profiles to accommodate a back pressure valve.

Toowoomba-based Qteq was approached by a major coals seam gas (CSG) operator to develop a solution for use in aquifer monitoring wells fitted with wellheads that have no tubing hangers. The company was already contracted to provide innovative Insert AquiTraq fluid level monitoring systems, which can be deployed and retrieved without need for a workover rig. The ability to also conduct wellhead integrity tests would enable the client to sole-source all testing and monitoring products and services from a single contractor, involving no additional headcount.

The TestPaq system developed by Qteq comprises an inflate packer run on micro coil and set inside casing just below the wellhead. The spooling unit and wireline blow out preventer (BOP) system used to set the packer and pressure test the wellhead are subsequently used to deploy the Insert AquiTraq fluid level monitoring system.

Following the support request by the CSG operator, Qteq’s R&D team completed conceptual design, rapid prototyping and extensive workshop trials within 4 weeks, according to Qteq Chief Innovation Officer Quentin Morgan.

“Following the highly-compressed development timetable, the TestPaq system was immediately contracted for a very successful 5-well campaign”, Mr Morgan said.

“The ability to provide a fully integrated wellhead integrity and fluid level monitoring services capability, involving the repurposing of installation equipment and multi-skilling of field personnel, has resulted in significant cost savings and improved HSE risk profile for the client” said Stuart McCulloch, Chief Business Development Officer.

“We are proud of Qteq’s rapidly evolving technology portfolio and high-quality team of employees who are challenged to keep us one step ahead of the competition” said Mr Meldrum, Chief Operating Officer.

About Qteq

Qteq is a technology services company, led by a team with decades of experience in various energy sectors across the globe. It is focused on bridging a link between (a) low-volume, high-cost, best-in-class, offshore oil and gas technologies and (b) high-volume, fit-for-purpose, price-point-appropriate technologies required by onshore georesource (hard rock and solution mining, coal mining, coal seam gas and groundwater) industries. The process of adapting, repurposing, simplifying and transforming existing technologies, as well as introducing cutting-edge solutions, is viewed by Qteq as the key to driving down resource development costs, increasing operational safety and improving environmental quality of life. Qteq is committed to accurately measuring and monitoring georesource assets, thereby enabling industry operators to manage and mitigate technical and commercial risk. Supplying such capabilities at an affordable price is made possible by Qteq’s expertise in Big Data analytics that, in turn, enables exploration and production operators to realise substantial efficiency gains, cost reductions and better environmental outcomes.

“To lead change in georesources industries through technical and commercial innovations that protect the environment and enhance our clients’ social licence to operate.”