Georesource evaluation


Qteq’s geoscience and engineering team can advise on and assist in all stages of the georesource evaluation.

Our team provides a cost-effective, robust, integrated georesource assessment.

We can design fit-for-purpose evaluation programs, including planning and supervising of borehole geophysical data acquisition as well as sample acquisition and analysis programs.

This data is then interpreted using domain-specific workflows appropriate across the full spectrum of georesources, including oil and gas, groundwater and minerals.

These workflows can also be applied to existing data sets, providing integrated evaluations of assets that take advantage of all available data.

Our Qteq team also has extensive experience providing training on georesource evaluation-related topics and are available to provide in-house training on selected topics, as well as providing public training at a variety of venues.


We have particular expertise with processing and interpreting Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR) data.

Our team can support evaluation of data from Qteq’s BMR tools as well as from other vendors’ tools.

This can include specification and supervision of core magnetic resonance studies, as well as integration with conventional core analysis and well test data, to support advanced interpretation of BMR measurements.

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