Products & Services

Qteq provides a range of products and services targeting georesources industries. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that address industry priorities, at an affordable price, with renowned quality. Our suite of products and services delivers:

  • Innovation that transforms the relationship between technological excellence and cost performance
  • Outcomes in a safe, professional and ethical manner
  • Robust, reliable operations that enable users to operate faster, for a lower cost and with a smaller environmental footprint.

Our products


Qteq’s AquiTraq downhole multi-node sensing technology enables continuous, long-term fluid level monitoring of one or more discrete aquifers from within a single borehole. This provides an immediate indication of whether nearby hydrocarbon well drilling, completion or production operations are ... READ MORE


Qteq’s FibreTraq distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems make use of optical fibre as both a sensing element and as a conduit for transmitting optical measurements. As a sensing element, exposure to temperature and acoustic energy induces micro ... READ MORE


Qteq’s PumpTraq system provides continuous monitoring of downhole annulus pressure to track water fluid level in CSG wells. This enables CSG operators to optimise dewatering strategies, to limit dewatering timescales and to safeguard against rapid well pumpdown during start-up operations, ... READ MORE


Qteq’s ResTraq reservoir surveillance systems provide continuous, real-time downhole pressure data. The technology platform is highly flexible, enabling a variety of pressure sensor types to be incorporated into a freely-configurable, modular and extendable system architecture, with ResTraq ... READ MORE


Qteq’s AquiSample downhole sampling system employs a low-flow, shallow-set mircopurge bladder pump that is uniquely adapted to extract water samples from aquifers situated at any substantially ... READ MORE

Our services

Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR)

Qteq’s Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR) wireline logging service is a unique technology that allows the storage and flow capacity of subsurface formations to be characterised. This technology has applications in the groundwater, oil and gas, hard rock and solution mining, and coal sectors –essentially in any georesource where understanding fluid storage and movement is important. [...]Read More... READ MORE

Georesource evaluation

Maximising the value of a georesource requires more than just data. It also requires the expertise to make the most of that data. Qteq’s geoscience and engineering team has the skills required to assist in all aspects of georesource evaluation, whether for groundwater, minerals or oil and gas. [...]Read More... READ MORE

“To lead change in georesources industries through technical and commercial innovations that protect the environment and enhance our clients’ social licence to operate.”