Qteq’s ResTraq reservoir surveillance systems provide continuous, real-time downhole pressure data.

The technology platform is highly flexible, enabling a variety of pressure sensor types to be incorporated into a freely-configurable, modular and extendable system architecture, with ResTraq systems tailored to suit well conditions.

They can be further customised for either permanent deployment on production tubing or on semi-permanent (retrievable) basis-suspended inside tubing.

Retrievable ResTraq systems enable long-term reservoir surveillance to be conducted in pre-existing boreholes or wells drilled to drain or monitor aquifers, in coal seams or in oil and gas reservoirs.

This retrofit ability is made possible through use of an innovative through-tubing deployment architecture, involving the positioning of a pressure gauge, housed in a toolstring, inside the completion tubing/casing, on the end of tubing encapsulated conductor (TEC).

This specially armoured TEC is spooled off a conventional wireline unit or spooling unit through a Temporary PCE system to the target sensing depth.

The Temporary PCE is then removed and the TEC cut, anchored and sealed in a Permanent PCE system mounted on the top of the wellhead, which features an integral Electrical Wellhead Outlet (WHO).

Once the pressure survey has been completed, or if the pressure sensor needs to be replaced, or even upgraded, the retrievable ResTraq system can be spooled and retrieved using the same wireline unit and Temporary PCE system.

This rig-less capability can be significantly more cost-effective than conventional, rig-deployed, permanently installed pressure-monitoring systems.


  • Reservoir depletion surveillance

  • Coal seam drainage monitoring

  • Production monitoring

  • Interference testing

  • Hydraulic fracture stimulation monitoring

  • Monitor pressure transients during planned and unplanned shutdowns.

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