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TSS - BMR Logging Tool Rev. 6

TSS 000001-005 Digital Pressure Temperature Gauge

TSS 000002-007 Analogue Pressure Gauge

TSS 000003-005 Gauge Mandrel

TSS 000004-004 Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC)

TSS 000005-006A Cross Coupling Protector

TSS 000006-004 Wellhead Outlet

TSS 000007-006 Gauge Interface Card

TSS 000008-002 Electrical Splice

TSS 000009-003 Surface Data Acquisition Unit

TSS 000010-003 Surface Cable Glands

TSS 000011-004A Wireless AquiTraq

TSS 000013-003 STS WHO Adapter

TSS 000014-002 Gauge Splice Protector

TSS 000015-003 Wireless ELF-EM Gauge

TSS 000016-003 Pre-cut Stainless Steel Banding

TSS 000017-001 - P105 Datasheet

TSS 000018-001 - PT105+ Datasheet

TSS 000019-001 Analogue Depth Gauge

TSS 000020-001 Low Profile Surface Data Acquisition

TSS 000021-001 Analogue Depth Gauge - DEWNR

TSS 010001-003 Heavy Duty Protectors

TSS 010002-003 Fibre Turn Around Sub

TSS 010003-003 Fibre Wellhead Outlet

TSS 010004-003 Tubing Encapsulated Fibre

TSS 010005-003 Fibre Optic Interrogator

TSS 010006-003 Fibre Optic Splice

TSS 020001-003 BHA Assembly

TSS 020002-003 Low Flow Pump (Bladder)

TSS 020003-003 BOP Assembly

TSS 020004-004 Capillary Tube

TSS 020005-003 Wellhead Sample Manifold

TSS 020006-003 Pump Controller

TSS 020007-002 Wireline Landcruiser

TSS 020008-002 Wireline Sampling Tool

TSS 020009-003 Low Flow Remediation Pump

TSS 030001-002 Completion Packer

TSS 030002-002 Sliding Sleeve

TSS 030003-002 X XN

TSS 030004-002 WEG POP

TSS 030005-003 External Casing Packer (ECP)

TSS 030006-002 Suspended Isolation Packer

TSS 040001-002-Sucker Rod

TSS 040002-002- Polish Rods

TSS 040003-002-Sucker Rod with Moulded guides

TSS 040004-001- SM rod couplings

TSS 040005-001- T rod couplings

System Specifications

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